Update for Rufus

Update for Rufus

Hello, Sponsors!

Happy July to you! My correspondent was just telling me that humans around here enjoy something called “fireworks” in July. It basically sounds like those crazy humans light stuff on fire to watch it explode. The explosions create loud booming noises and bright beautiful colors in the sky. That sounds like the best thing EVER to me! Where can I get some?! Would I need opposable thumbs to set them off?

I think I heard these fantastic things called fireworks over the past few days, at night, once it got dark. I could hear distant crackling sounds and the sky looked like it lit up ever so slightly over the trees behind Tabby’s Place. I was watching from one of my favorite spots out in my solarium, and I was wondering what it was. I bet it was fireworks! I will keep paws crossed that someday someone will set off fireworks somewhere very close by so I can see them clearly.

The first picture I am attaching to this month’s update was taken by a Tabby’s Place volunteer who was kind enough to send it to my correspondent. Wasn’t that incredibly thoughtful of her? The volunteer had spotted me cuddling with my roomies Oscar and Shea. I don’t know why she and my correspondent got so excited about this, but they couldn’t wait to tell you. My correspondent said, “Your sponsors will want to know that you are making friends!” I guess that is a big deal considering all of the brawling I do with some of my other roomies.

Oscar and Shea are cool though… mellow, quiet, and easy to hang out with. Nothing about them makes me feel aggravated, and I enjoy an occasional nap with them. I hope this makes you as happy as my correspondent says it will! Life in Suite FIV has actually been pretty calm these days in general. No major kerfuffles, and I am super proud of myself for keeping my temper mostly in check overall this month. I am learning!

We also have a new roomie named Inigo Montoya, who just arrived all the way from a place called Kansas. My correspondent told me that Kansas is very far away and that the staff and volunteers are very glad that Inigo Montoya made it here to Tabby’s Place, thanks to all of the amazingly fabulous people who donate money to help us rescue more cats in need. I was one of those lucky-enough-to-be-rescued cats, so I understand how Inigo Montoya must feel.

My correspondent also told me that my new roomie’s name is one of her favorites ever because it is the name of a character in one of her favorite movies of all time. A movie called “The Princess Bride.” Have you ever seen it? She said to tell you to watch it if you haven’t seen it before because she thinks everyone would love it. I asked if there were any cats in it and she said “No,” so frankly, I don’t understand how it could be that lovable of a movie.

Anyway, the other picture I am attaching is of me stalking the door to my solarium, hoping for more visitors to enter so I can greet them with enthusiastic rubs against their legs. Have I mentioned that I love visitors?

Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I received my annual vaccines this month. Thanks to you, I have the absolute best medical care a cat could ever hope for. Even the most basic thing like annual vaccines, it is all because of you. My tiger-striped heart is endlessly grateful to have you sponsoring me. I will look forward to updating you again next month!

Love, Rufus
(with help from your correspondent, Florie)