Update for Princess Bubblegum

Update for Princess Bubblegum

Greetings PBG sponsors!

This past month was a very sad month for us. Last month, I had talked about our EPI dog, Aries, having a rough time. He ended up having a type of cancer, lymphoma, and we had to let him go. By the time we found out, his cancer had progressed quite far.

One of the more difficult aspects of EPI is that it can cause other issues to be overlooked. Aries was having more diarrhea and not eating his food as well. Our wonderful veterinarian at Tabby’s Place and our wonderful internal medicine veterinarian both thought this was a flare up of his EPI and his IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). The right steps were taken but because of the EPI, it took us a bit longer to find the real, more serious, problem.

The humans are devastated and heartbroken. Our other dog, Marcy, is quite sad. Our cats? Well they are quite happy. Aries was a sweet boy, but he was a German Shepherd, and German Shepherds like to herd small creatures like cats. Aries never hurt the cats but he liked to chase them a bit. We have baby gates in multiple areas to give the cats their space away from the dogs.

We still have these gates up to keep Marcy away from cat food, litter boxes and other delicacies. Marcy is a little bit afraid of the cats, which the cats take full advantage of. The cats have been jumping the gates and hanging out all over the place. Princess Bubblegum spends most of her time in the kitchen, lounging on chairs, and drinking from the dog’s water bowl.

I will crate Princess Bubblegum with her food with enzymes, and let her out when she is finished. She will then see what the other cats are not finishing and help them out. She is making sure that they know she is the alpha cat. She may be the youngest cat in this house, but she is on top. She knows it.

While Bubblegum lets all of us know that she is a Princess, she is the nicest cat to Marcy. Marcy will sniff the cats and make submissive play moves. She is almost always greeted with a hiss and a swat. Did I mention that Marcy is blind? If she hears a hiss, she tries to go the other way.

Princess Bubblegum will growl at Marcy a little bit, but she does not hit Marcy like the other cats do. She does not want to play with Marcy, but Marcy tries! She submits to Princess Bubblegum, playfully prancing her paws. Princess Bubblegum looks at her but does not play. I keep hoping that the two of them will become best friends. For now, I am happy that PBG does not hit the poor, sweet blind dog.

This has been a sad month. With sadness, brings change. Life goes on and we need to continue to care and love each other.

Thank you for continuing to love and sponsor Princess Bubblegum. We truly could not do this without you.