Update for Princess Bubblegum

Update for Princess Bubblegum

Greetings, Princess Bubblegum Sponsors!

We have some cool August weather here. It has been quite beautiful. Not beautiful enough to turn off our air conditioning, but we are getting there! Hope your summer is going well!

Last month, I talked about how picky Princess Bubblegum has been with her food. I wanted to give a special shout out to Bobbi O for suggesting Fancy Feast. I used to give Princess Bubblegum Fancy Feast. Sometimes she would eat it, sometimes she did not. Then she would go over and eat the other cats’ food, which was usually Friskies.

Recently I tried leaving the Aluminum Hydroxide out, the phosphate binder. She mostly eats her food when you leave the phosphate binder out, but not all the time. I then started just giving her a tiny amount of Fancy Feast with her Creon in it, and she mostly eats it all! I tried to add the Aluminum Hydroxide. This was a no-go.

Friskies: OK. Fancy Feast: Good. Any food with Aluminum Hydroxide in it: NO. Absolutely not. I have tried some fancy food with the phosphate binder. I have tried Tiki Cat, baby food, the smelliest, fishiest food. If the phosphate binder is in it, it is a no go. The phosphate binder is supposed to be tasteless and odorless, but I wonder if it is grainy? I know I do not like eating grainy foods.

Princess Bubblegum needs to eat the Creon or she cannot properly digest her food. That is the number one priority. Number two priority is the phosphate binder. I know it works. When I have gone without it, her phosphorus levels have gone up. This is not good for the kidneys. She does need the phosphate binder.

We have a cat at Tabby’s Place that gets her Aluminum Hydroxide in a pill. Phosphate binders work best mixed in with the food. If they will not eat the food, the pill is a good option.

Princess Bubblegum does not like to be pilled. She is a princess. I have tried pill pockets. I have stuck crunchy treats to the pill pockets. This is a no go.  I need to pill her. She needs this medicine. I will continue to work on this with her.

Thank you Bobbi O for the Fancy Feast suggestion. Right now, that seems to be working for her.

Thank you all for sponsoring this feisty, but sweet girl. She is a true Princess.

Your correspondent,