Update for Pixie

Update for Pixie

It’s time for an update on our orange charmer. The holidays have come and gone, but the stream of visitors who come specifically to visit Miss Pix has continued almost unabated. People adore her, and she seems happy to repay the sentiment.

In medical news, well, there hasn’t been any medical news over the past four weeks for our sweet girl, and we’re always grateful for that.

If you’ve seen Pixie, you know that she’s not a big cat. But recently, one of her admirers gave her an enormous, extra-comfy cat bed. The bed is so large that it seems designed for a Saint Bernard, or perhaps a pony, but Pix loves it. She snoozes in the bed every day, curled up in just one small area of it, a scenario that one of our staffers describes as “unspeakably adorable.” Occasionally, one or several other cats will join Miss Pix in repose, but the bed is so big that nobody has to quarrel over space. It makes me wonder if Pixie’s admirer was thinking of exactly that when they selected the bed for her.

It’s been a cold winter so far, but Pixie’s sunshiny nature keeps up our spirits. We’d love to see her adopted into a “forever” home of her own, but we understand there are not many people or households able to make a home for Miss Pix. And if there’s one thing I can promise you, it’s that she has no lack of human attention!

As always, thank you so much for choosing to help us care for this special young lady.