Update for Pixie

Update for Pixie

Greetings, Pixie sponsors!

Is it too late to wish you a Happy New Year, Pixie fans? Our sweet girl had a wonderful holiday season. So many visitors came to see her that we almost had to hire a gatekeeper! And holiday gifts addressed specifically to Pix arrived on an almost daily basis, which was very touching. Of course, many of our cats have their share of admirers, but Miss Pix seems to be in a class by herself as far as fans are concerned. That’s no surprise to us, since she’s as beautiful as she is good-natured. She’s a great ambassador for special needs felines, helping to prove that disability is truly in the eyes of the beholder.

Pixie enjoyed a month of stable health. At one point, she seemed to be leaking more urine than usual, but we did not find any evidence of an infection. So we’ll continue to watch her carefully, but there is no cause for concern right now.

We’re looking forward to a great 2019 for Miss Pix. She remains a star in our “Aged to Purrfection” Program for seniors, and more outreach work may be in her future as well. When she’s not enchanting people in other locations, you’ll find her charming the Tabby’s Place staff and volunteers, investigating the lobby, or just basking in the sun, taking a well-deserved break from her hectic schedule.

If you have not yet visited Pixie, I hope you can manage to do that this year. Meantime, as always, my thanks for helping us help her. I hope you’ll have a happy, healthy year.