Update for Pixie

Update for Pixie

Greetings, Pixie fans!

Ready for another update on our orange charmer? “Charmer” is an appropriate word for Miss Pix. After several visits to a senior community as part of our “Aged to Purrfection” Program, it’s clear that the seniors are as smitten with this young lady as we are. Pixie has company in the program now, as gentle Rose joins her in visits to the seniors. We hope to be able to continue this program and add even more cats over time. Of course, we have to be selective about the cats we send; not every feline has the appropriate personality. But Pixie, who dotes upon human attention, travels easily, and loves to explore, is an ideal match.

When she’s not delighting seniors with her visits, Pix enjoys almost daily outings in her stroller. We’re so happy to be able to take her for stroller walks, as she clearly loves them and is more well-behaved than many a human child. I’ve seen strollers designed for cats that had sturdy, large-grate metal “screening” over the open top, but that was for cats with normal mobility. Given Pixie’s limitations (which she doesn’t even seem to recognize), the designed-for-human-babies stroller we have is just fine.

Our lobby has not been the most restful place of late, as Pix, normally so tolerant of other cats, has decided that Divya and Patty are definitely off her holiday card list! Just a couple of weeks ago, Divya was endeavoring to eat sitting on a low table, while Pixie crouched underneath her, growling relentlessly. I saw what had happened; Divya had not interacted with Pix in any way before jumping on the table. Pixie cannot reach high enough to take food off the table or swat Divya when she sits there, but I don’t think Divya knows that, because she was obviously upset. I sighed, picked Pixie up, and carried her back into the Community Room. Why can’t we all just get along?

Other than the occasional social faux pas, the one cloud in Pixie’s sunny sky is some diarrhea that has been troubling her. However, we’ve been treating this with medication, and we expect it to resolve quickly. As always, thanks to you for helping us keep our orange girl in style.