Update for McNulty

Update for McNulty

Hello, beautiful friends of McNulty!

As we settle into the lazier, hazier days of these warmer summer months, we are spending as much time with McNulty as possible and lavishing him with love. We’re watching sweet McNulty very closely these days, as our gentle boy continues to lose weight, almost certainly due to the progression of his very severe kidney disease. While he is a slightly quieter version of his usual self, McNulty is still a happy boy who spends his days lounging in sunbeams in the solarium when it’s not too hot, and snuggling in his soft bed indoors when it is.

Over the past year or so, as McNulty started to become a bit more social, he quickly became a volunteer favorite, so on almost any given day, you will see any number of volunteers either sitting with him quietly, giving him some one-on-one lap time, sneaking him treats, brushing him, or just keeping him company. Amazingly, McNulty remains in good spirits, relishing our attention and life itself.

Honestly, friends, we aren’t sure how much time we will have with our sweet boy, but we are taking full advantage of every possible minute. We tell him how loved he is, how brave he is, and how lucky he is to have you—his friends who support him and help up take care of him. We all thank you for everything you do for McNulty, and we ask you to please think good thoughts and send loving energy into the universe for him.

I promise to keep you updated. Be well, friends. . .