Update for McNulty

Update for McNulty

Hello, dear friends of McNulty,

I’m filling in for Beth this month, to give you an update on all things McNulty. Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent much time with our sweet boy, giving him lots of love and attention (and some treats), and just sitting with him for long periods, enjoying his purrs and loving response to my presence. With his quirky smile and loving ways, McNulty is a real favorite among volunteers and staff, so he is surrounded by love from doting admirers every single day at Tabby’s Place.

That said, though, it has been a difficult month for our dear McNulty. As you know, early in May, he was found to be weak and not eating well. Bloodwork revealed high calcium levels, and we feared cancer. Happily, radiographs and an abdominal ultrasound showed nothing of concern in the cancer worry world.

McNulty’s kidney disease, however, has jumped into high gear. His kidney values have been climbing at an alarming rate, so our vet team treated him with IV fluids in our hospital for several days. This helped McNulty feel better and regain his appetite, but his kidney values have continued to worsen, and he continues to lose weight.

Despite all that, McNulty’s spirits remain good. He loves his snooze time in comfy kitty beds and time in the solarium sun in between the visits from loving staff and volunteers. It’s been extremely quiet in the FIV+ Suite this month, too, as neighbors Cisco, Shea, Chachi and Wolfie have been finishing up their time in ringworm quarantine and Charlie has happily settled into his forever foster home as though he always lived there.

I must say that we are gravely concerned about the progress of McNulty’s disease, which has been difficult to predict. For now, we’re treating our brave boy with subcutaneous fluid therapy and lots of extra affection. However long he may have with us, those days will abound in love and joy.

Please keep McNulty in your thoughts and prayers and know that it is your generous sponsorship of him that enables us to give him the best care possible. Our hearts are intertwined with yours in love of McNulty.