Update for Max

Update for Max

Hello, friends of Max!

I am reminded this month of something Tabby’s Place’s Development Director, Angela, once said of Max: “There is something about Max that draws you in — into his gaze, into his room, and into his very deep and complicated heart.” The better you know Max, you appreciate that truer words were never spoken about him.

Max’s big green eyes beckon and call from his favorite window seat each time I visit. If I stop to visit with another cat before him, his eyes watch, as if to say “Why not me? What is taking you so long to get in here?” Not really the jealous type, Max will wait patiently, and he’s happy when you greet his suitemates, too. He knows his turn for undivided attention is coming.

Max does not hold grudges. If ever he did so, seniority status and the aging process have put an end to that. He likes his new suitemate Rupert, and is getting along well with him. Though he doesn’t say so, I am sure that Max misses his old roommate Sherpa, who was adopted recently into a loving home.

However, it is that big heart of Max’s that I want to talk about. Recent tests indicate that medically, Max’s loving heart is doing OK. However, bloodwork surprisingly shows that he needs a lower dose of his thyroid medication. It is an odd finding, as his recent weight loss would indicate a need for a higher level of medication. The Tabby’s Place team will monitor Max very closely, as always, for changes and necessary adjustments. They will also repeat an ultrasound in two months, and further evaluate the fluid in his abdomen.

Thank you, dear sponsors, for your generosity to Max each month. As he looks lovingly out over the Lobby, may we all remain hopelessly “lost” in those eyes for many years to come.