Update for Max

Update for Max

Happy Holidays!

My correspondent Kim has allowed me to put “pen to paw” and write my own update this month.

She thought it was appropriate for ME to be the one to share the news of a momentous occasion: our anniversary! That’s right! We have been a cat-correspondent team for 6 years now! I think we make a wonderful team, don’t you?

I helped Kim do the math during our last visit. Six years of “The Max Team” updates means one update per month, making that twelve updates each year. Twelve updates for six years means we have written seventy-two articles together. Let’s double-check that math for clarity: 1 x 12= 12; 12 x 6 = 72 !! My, how our time flies when we are together. We always have fun !!

Speaking of fun, I have been receiving visitors in my suite, and sometimes, those visitors bring along other family members to visit. I am always happy to see everyone who stops by to spend time with me. I am sure I am a stellar host, showing them the nice view I have from my sunny windows, overlooking the rolling hills of Hunterdon County. There is never a season when that view is not stunning. (My correspondent is whispering that the view inside is better–meaning me! I am flattered….).

I am happy to say that my health remains “status quo,” which here at Tabby’s Place is considered good news. My regular monitoring has indicated no changes or new developments. I think at this holiday season that is my biggest blessing of all.

But I would be remiss if I did not say thank you to each of you, my devoted and loving sponsors. Your most gracious gifts—not just at the holiday season but all year long—help to provide the veterinary and supportive care that allows me to age gracefully and in good health. I really am a “shining star” here at Tabby’s Place, and am forever grateful for your love and devotion.

On behalf of my correspondent Kim, everyone at Tabby’s Place and ME, your shining star, I wish you special blessings this holiday season.

Blessings that make you “smile from your heart.”