Update for Max

Update for Max

Hello, friends of dearest Max.

As we start off the New Year, I wish I had better news to share with you about our fellow.

My heart is heavy as I say he has taken a sad turn health-wise.

Max has struggled with health issues in his senior years, and so far, he has been able to conquer them (or at least hold them at bay) with his determined spirit and the strength of a warrior.

This time, he may be fighting a battle he cannot win.

A recent diagnosis of renal failure was determined after receiving test results which indicated elevated kidney levels, hypothermia, and severe anemia. We treated him at Tabby’s Place, where he is most comfortable, with intravenous fluids, antibiotics and supportive care. Keeping him here with us avoided the stress that sending him to a specialty hospital creates for him, both physically and emotionally. Max know us; he loves us. Our wonderful veterinary team puts heart and soul into Max’s treatment each and every day. We all consider each day he spends with us a true blessing.

Max is being served whatever varieties of canned food we think he might like. I went in one evening and there were two different dinner selections awaiting his approval. When not much interest was shown, suddenly the door opened, and one of our staff members offered him two additional selections! Four yummy offerings awaited our fine fellow, who licked a bit here and nibbled a little there.

One thing that has remained constant is Max’s love of his water fountain. Hydration is vital to keeping Max’s kidneys functioning properly. He sips from it regularly throughout the day, as well as taking a long drink after each meal. He then goes across the room and splashes about a bit with his paw in his regular water bowl, and sniffs over his dry selection. Max is able to graze throughout the night on all of these nutritious goodies, which we hope will help to sustain him.

We continue to lavish Max with as much love and attention as possible while monitoring his quality of life. I try to go in with an upbeat attitude, and then spend some quiet time just “being” with our boy. He rests across my lap while we talk, and I see the sparkle in his eyes. It lets me know he is still fighting, still determined to be here with all of us for as long as possible.

Thank you, dearest sponsors, for your most gracious gifts that support Max now when he needs us most. He is surrounded by love, adoration, and the very best of veterinary care. When he rests his head at night, he knows this.

He is truly blessed.