Update for Max

Update for Max

Hello, fans of Max!

I am delighted to bring you the news that our fine fellow Max remains “status quo.” Here at Tabby’s Place, status quo is good news! It means there are no new developments from a health standpoint that could adversely affect him, and his spirits are good.

I can personally attest to the latter.

During my most recent visit, Max was very happy for my company. Though not always in the mood for a photo session, he WAS in the mood to see me. You can see just how much by the photo shown this month. That’s him on my lap. A “selfie” of sorts between Max and his correspondent. He did not want to get up, even when the dinner bell chimed and a yummy-looking entree was placed nearby. I laughed as I said to him “Max, you know I am hungry when YOUR dinner smells good!” His eyes lit up, and the slight nod of his head indicated his “understanding.”

Sometimes, it’s moments like this that let the volunteers know our feline friends truly appreciate the time spent with them. Max chose ME over his dinner with no hesitation, no indecision. It was ME that was important to him that day. This visit truly touched my heart.

At this time of Thanksgiving, I know I speak for all of us at Tabby’s Place when I express my gratitude for the blessings of his good health. We will now be monitoring him proactively for urinary tract infections, which seem to be a weak point for him. This means that rather than checking when symptoms begin to present, we will be checking his urine ahead of any symptomology. That way, we are ahead of any discomfort or infection before it begins to impact him. This will help to keep him healthy and happy. Your most gracious gifts help to provide this special care and are very much appreciated.

As the holiday season approaches, I encourage you to stop by and visit with Max. If you have not met him in person, it would be a wonderful time of year to do so. Max truly enjoys every visitor that enters the suite he is blessed to call home. If YOUR home is too far away to make a visit, we understand. Why not send him a card? I promise to read it to him personally, then hang it high for him to look at throughout his day.

Let’s make this holiday season a real “from heart to home” holiday season for a wonderful cat that we all truly adore.