Update for Max

Update for Max

Greetings to Max’s sponsors.

I was looking back over Max’s previous holiday updates to share a few memories with you. In so doing, I realized we have reached a momentous occasion: my two-year anniversary of writing for Max. My, how time flies! It brings me pleasure each month to share his life with you. I hope you have enjoyed reading his news.

It should come as no surprise to you that Max is a staff and volunteer favorite at Tabby’s Place. Our admiration has only grown deeper as we’ve seen his personality mellow through the years. Once upon a time, Max was crated at night, for the safety of his suitemates. Now he spends his days in happy cohabitation with his feline companions. At night, he rests peacefully with those he adores. In the past, Max never relinquished his window perch to any other cat. These days, he gladly moves over to share that spot with Sammy, or to give it to Sherpa.

We were recently concerned, however, when Max chose a strange new place to rest: under the oversized chair in the corner of his suite. When cats are not feeling well, they often choose new and quiet hiding places. Our vet team checked up on Max, and found that all was well with our fellow. He has just taken a shine to a new spot.

At this time of brotherly love, I know I speak for all of us at Tabby’s Place when I say I am proud of how far Max has come. He was once a frightened cat in a desperate situation. Medication has helped him, but much more than that, it was the love, care and kindness of our wonderful staff and volunteers that gave him the emotional support he needed. Max is now a shining star, and as I look at him in total adoration I thank you for supporting him so generously.