Update for Max

Update for Max

Hello, friends of Max!

When preparing to share our fine fellow’s news each month, I will sometimes take a look back to see what he was doing a year ago. What was happening with Max medically? Socially, how was he doing? How is he now compared to how he was a year ago?

The one factor that kept coming to mind was “stability.”

I am proud to be a small part of a team that is always able to provide the stability Max needs in his life at any given time. One year ago, Max was being introduced into the Community Room, sharing a new residential setting with more cats than he had lived with previously. He would have more interaction with staff and other felines in this large, spacious area. It also featured big windows from which to “watch the world,” something Max truly enjoys.

However, it took a bit of time for Max and his new roommates to make the adjustments. There was some growling; there was a bit of bullying, especially at mealtime. The Tabby’s Place staff did its very best, as always, to provide the stable support needed to make this relocation a successful venture. The cats eventually realized that the additional space, windows, and companionship were all pluses to their previous smaller living accomodations. They got on the band-wagon with the relocation.

Following soon after was Max’s medical saga with self-inflicted tail wounds. Again, the staff and special volunteers stepped up to the plate to provide the stability that Max needed while we tried to figure out his behavioral challenges. That continued level of stability remained in place while we made decisions regarding his protocol. It was a vital ingredient to Max’s all-around recovery. Soon after, he was once again “the best boy he could be.”

Today, Max continues to thrive under this wonderful support system. It is comprised of the best of veterinary care, emotional support, and many watchful eyes that are immediately responsive to any changes in Max himself. He is blessed to have the additional support of his caring sponsors, and your continued gifts help to provide the level of care needed. For those gifts, we are truly grateful.

Our Developmental Director Angela Hartley recently said: “Simply stated, Max is doing marvelously.”

I know everyone who reads here joins me in wishing Max many more marvelous days to come!