Update for Macaroon

Update for Macaroon

Dear incredibly generous sponsors of Macaroon,

Our fabulous Mac is having a great month, with no medical news to report. She’s also “enjoyed” slow, steady weight loss, which is great news for her future health. That doesn’t mean that she is turning down treats, however, as she seems very interested in supplementing her managed diet whenever she can!

Team Mac welcomed a new roommate this month, just when we thought that room had all the attitude it could handle! Diabetic Missy requires scheduled feedings, and Mac’s pad is the room where that happens. It’s a full house in there now, but the girls are doing an impressive job of allowing each other to live. There have been no reports of scuffles, even though Missy is quite the energetic girl, bopping about and always looking for ways to escape!

Mac continues to enjoy visits from sponsors and friends, feeding her love of attention. When I visit Mac, I find that various kitties compete for my attention, treats and playtime. Mac is patient for the most part in allowing others to participate in the joy of “her” visitors. She’s not much of a lap kitty (at least not with me), so her buddies hop into my open lap and purr away while I talk and play with Macaroon. Certainly, none of the girls are introverts in that room!

The kittens are still rolling into Tabby’s Place in waves and being scooped up fairly quickly by excited adopters, which is all good news! When I feed them on Sunday mornings, it is a great challenge to keep them from running into the hallway when I open the door to the kitten suite. Once they are occupied with their food, they all look so tiny and adorable! They look especially tiny compared to Mac and the big girls in her room. I wonder what Mac looked like as a kitten. I have two black cats at home (one almost the size of Mac) and can remember how teeny tiny she was as a kitten. I’m guessing Mac was the same way and just an adorable tiny fur-ball.

The enrichment program I mentioned last time is underway and helping to keep our more active cats interested in their surroundings, as well as helping to cut back on aggression. Wand toys and other toys that engaged the kitties are used in a structured playtime.

Mac continues to delight me with her winning personality. One minute I’ll find her lounging on the cat tree, another she will be going crazy on the scratching post like there is no tomorrow, and yet another time I will find her quietly sitting on Danielle’s desk or laying on the windowsill hammocks. She has many sides to her personality, and I’m eager to understand them all!

I think Susan had mentioned Mac’s camera shyness, and she was right on! Getting good pictures of this beauty requires getting into some odd positions and being really quick with the clicks. I hope you enjoy the ones I’ve taken so far, and I’m looking forward to getting even better shots of her over time.

Kind hearts, like garden flowers, bring grace and beauty to our world. Thank you for your amazing kind heart and generosity each month, and the grace and beauty it brings to our Macaroon’s world and to Tabby’s Place.