Update for Kitten Fund

Update for Kitten Fund

Dear Kitten Fund Friends,

Please pardon us for feeling a bit like cartoon characters conked over the head, stars swirling around our dazed expressions. It’s just that the cavalcade of kittens has rampaged through our world so swiftly that we’re not quite sure what hit us (and continues to hit us). You’ll recall that, this time last month, we had nearly thirty kittens in our keeping. As of today, we’re down to “only” fifteen — and the number is dropping. Hydrangea, Cersei, Daenerys, all six of Patrice’s kittens (Ted, Marshall, Barney, Carl, Marvin and Robin), Sven, Tiki, Poppy and Iris have all flittered off to forever homes.

Sadly, two little wonders slipped through our fingers this month. Beleaguered from the beginning, tiny Janice succumbed to heart disease, and we lost Ivy very unexpectedly. We are grateful this little treasures knew they were loved, even as they left us entirely too soon.

Yoshi, Pavarotti, Primrose, and Figaro are all spoken for, so if you’ve been keeping impeccable track, you know that leaves eight available kittens: Roger, Peggy, Joanie, Betty, Azalea, Sato, Gonzo and Beaker…or at least, it was eight until the latest additions.

First in the latest batch was tiny Beamer, a cutie found inside a compassionate fellow’s BMW (ergo the name). Next came Tansy, a miniature Siamese-mix found all alone in the same place as Beaker and Janice (and almost surely a relative of some sort). Beamer came to us in excellent health; not so tiny Tansy, who’d been found beside her deceased siblings. Tansy herself was fortunate to be alive, having been ravaged by insects. Her future is uncertain at this point, as it’s not clear whether Tansy has full use of her hind legs. But, as with all our kittens, Tansy is safe in the guarantee of love.

We knew Tansy wouldn’t be the last kitten in a long season, and in fact, last I visited, there were several new little ones that I couldn’t get in to meet (they’re still serving their quarantine period.) Good grief! So many kittens! I refer again to the conked-on-the-head cartoon-character image.

In the interest of finding homes for all these niblets, Tabby’s Place hosted a Kitten Shower this past weekend. I stopped by for a while on the first day, and a steady stream of visitors were coming in to meet our little cuties and offer some of them forever homes. No word on the final count yet, but I’m hopeful that many of our kittens got to meet their families for the first time.

Your generous support of the Kitten Fund is most appreciated, especially here in the midst of such an active kitten season! Thanks to you, we can give each of these little ones the best opportunity to start their lives off on the right foot. Thank you, thank you, thank you!