Update for Elliot

Update for Elliot

Elliot’s Episodes #1

Happy October, fall, and Halloween, dear Sponsors and Tabby’s Place fans everywhere!

I am so excited to share with you that I have a new admirer and visitor.  Her name is Mary Anne and she is going to help me write my episodes.

The first time she came to visit me, I was busy “working” in the kitten room.  That is where I live at Tabby’s Place, and I am in charge of all the little ruffians who live with me.  It is my responsibility to keep them all in line and teach them social skills.  It’s not easy being a mom, dad, and disciplinarian to 8 kittens.

When Mary Anne came into the suite, she brought a wand toy and we all got a chance to play together.  Then it was bathtime and I decided to jump up into the top of the cube where I can watch all the action in the lobby.  The kittens were busy washing each other and were getting ready for their post

Some of my ruffians!

-breakfast, pre-snack, late morning nap.  And that was that!

The next time my new friend came, we all woke up from our naps and headed for our visitor.  Ramekin jumped on her back and she gently put him down as he had his claws in her tee-shirt.  But I was on it.  I grabbed him by the neck, held him down, and gave him a really good bath.  I guess that made him hungry, as he ran over to the kibble for a snack.  Then it was my turn to get love.

I played with Mary Anne’s sneakers, her shoelaces, and the straps on her purse.  She put me in her lap and I was in heaven.  I got a back rub, an ear scratch, and a chin scratch.  She told me how handsome I was with my black-and-white ear spots.  And she held me and gave me lots of love for a long time.  I had much fun!

Others come to visit me as well.  Here’s a video of Ramekin, Blue Bell (wearing a collar), and me enjoying some human snuggle time with a volunteer named John. We are so lucky to get all this attention.


Healthwise I am just fine.  I had a chin scab that resolved itself.  And I had a little cough for a while.  But the staff gave me antibiotics and that went away, too.

So I am happy and healthy here at Tabby’s Place and would love for you to visit me, dear sponsor.  Then we can play with each other.  I know it will be hard for me to be adopted because I have some incontinence issues.  In fact, I peed on my visitor, but she didn’t mind.  She knows I have these problems.

I wish you a wonderful fall and Halloween.  And I thank you for your generous donations to my care.  I hope to see you soon.  Be on the lookout for Elliot’s Episode #2,  coming in November.

Love to all,

(With help from your correspondent, Mary Anne)