Update for Cotton

Update for Cotton

Greetings Cotton Fans,

Another month has come and gone, and sweet Cotton is a happy camper.  He is still enjoying delightful weather and soaking up all that his servants have to offer him. He is a special guy, and to know him, is to love him. Cotton is very energetic and loves to play. In this short video, he is giving quite a chase to a toy mouse, and loving every second of it.

Cotton continues to request, okay maybe more like demand his stroller rides. He has become so insistent on daily stroller walks that there are times when it is very difficult to enter or exit the Lobby without him escaping into the side hallway (where the strollers are kept). And Cotton usually gets what Cotton wants. Who could resist such adorableness? One of his “people’ took this fabulous video of him, called “Cotton goes Curbside”. Hope you enjoy it!


Medically, Cotton continues to have inconsistent stools, so he remains on medication to help with this. Cotton and Anka are now “timesharing” Anka’s enclosure. During the overnight hours, while Anka is crated (for the safety of the other Lobby cats), Cotton gets to hang out in Anka’s enclosure diaper free. When the staff gets the day started around 8 am, Anka comes out of the overnight crate and into the enclosure. Cotton gets crated for breakfast and then gets diapered so he can coast around the Lobby. Cotton seems to enjoy the set-up.

Cotton has a fabulous support team, and you, dear sponsors, are the center of his world. Cotton and everyone at Tabby’s Place are forever grateful for all you do for him. We wish you much warmth, health, and happiness in this beautiful fall season.

Your Correspondent,