Special Update for Cotton

Special Update for Cotton

Dear Friends of Cotton,

It seems that the Tabby’s Place website accidentally “let the cat out of the bag,” in a manner of speaking. Cotton is still a resident of Tabby’s Place, but he has some particularly exciting news to share with you.

Out dear ball of fluff is being adopted by one of our staff! While his new family prepares for his arrival, Cotton has been soaking up the extra love from his many volunteer friends who are sorry that the days of ushering HRH around the grounds of Tabby’s Place are coming to an end.

But rest assured, dear sponsor, Cotton’s new family has a royal carriage awaiting his arrival. Not only that, but they are building an accessible window box and safety ramp, just for him! Cotton will need to share his box with his new feline housemates, but he has always enjoyed companionship and play.

Since this will be your last formal update on Cotton’s adventures, I want to bring you up to “Cotton speed” on his medical journey. Cotton visited a surgical specialist earlier this month so that she could evaluate the best course of action to maintain his mobility AND provide pain relief.

As you know, Cotton is missing his hind feet AND deals with luxating patellas. This combination causes discomfort. After seeing how well Cotton navigated on the carpet, the specialist thought he might indeed be a candidate for knee repair and prosthetics. We don’t know for certain that this is going to be the best path forward for Cotton (as another specialty consultation is underway), but we know that his family is going to make the best decision for Cotton to provide him his best life.

Spoiled? Who, me?

Cotton’s journey across the ocean and into his forever home would not have been possible without your generosity and unfaltering love and support. HRH thanks you from the bottom of his heart!

With gratitude from the Tabby’s Place Staff and

your Guest Correspondent,


Since Cotton has found his forever family right here in New Jersey, your sponsorship has been transferred to another Special Needs youngster in need: charming Elliot. Like Cotton, Elliot’s challenges began when he was just a small kitten, but today he frolics with joy in our Kitten Suite at Tabby’s Place.

If you’d prefer to choose a different cat to sponsor, you can meet them all here. Please feel free to email us if you’d like to transfer your support to a different kitty. (Otherwise, going forward you will receive updates on Elliot each month.) While we are still preparing Elliot’s sponsorship profile page, you can read about him under his adoption profile.

Thank you again for your kindness and generosity to Cotton. You’ve helped to make this marvelous news possible for him, and we’re so grateful!