Update for Cloud

Update for Cloud

Unfortunately, I have disappointing news this month about dear Cloud. Since Cloud’s last x-ray, which showed no return of any tumors, some suspicious nodules appeared in her mammary gland region. After taking Cloud back to the oncologist, it was determined that her cancer has returned.

The tumors are expected to metasticize to Cloud’s lungs within six to 12 months. To treat Cloud, the oncologist said that we would have to remove her entire mammary chain. However, the oncologist feels this would not likely provide much of an extended prognosis. So, we’re not going forward with surgery. We want Cloud to be able to enjoy the time she has left without having to endure an invasive surgery and recovery process.

For now, Cloud continues to be happy and enjoy lobby life, getting lots of love from staff and volunteers. She doesn’t know anything is wrong, although her eyes still bother her a bit (not nearly as badly as before, though).

I’m sorry to say that Cloud and Sky lost a lobby companion this month. Beloved Sammy, a fixture of the lobby for the past three years, is no longer with us. The staff let him go on Thursday, as his time had come. It’s weird not to see the baby gate up to prevent Sammy from venturing under the reception desk (and doing his business there).

In other news, Tabby’s Place has temporarily stopped feeding the residents canned cat food, in light of the recent contamination scare. Thankfully, none of the cats have been adversely affected.