Update for Cloud

Update for Cloud

Hi, Sponsors,

I have recently been visiting Cloud in the late afternoons. Unfortunately for me, this is usually after she has eaten and is napping. So this month I asked for some stories!

Danielle, the Sanctuary Operations Manager, told me that she puts an area rug out in the lobby for Cloud so that she can have more balance when cleaning herself. It’s hard for Cloud to steady herself on the wood floor.

Babs, the Resident Sanctuary Associate and unofficial “Cat Whisperer,” has a very close relationship with Cloud. In the evenings, Babs will walk through the sanctuary to make sure everyone’s okay. She’ll often scoop Cloud up in her arms and take her on rounds with her. Cloud enjoys going around the entire building. Sometimes Babs will have a jacket on and zip Cloud up in the jacket. Cloud feels very secure in it and enjoys it.

In addition, Cloud and Babs have a little game. Whenever Cloud gets Babs’ attention, she runs the other way to go and scratch on her little area rug. Then she’ll run back toward Babs to get her attention again, and when Babs looks her way, she runs the other way again and scratches on the rug.

It seems that late evening is the time to visit!