Update for Cloud

Update for Cloud

It is with tremendous sadness that I wirite this Special Update to inform you that we lost sweet Cloud yesterday.

It is not uncommon for mammary cancer to metastasize (spread) to other parts of the body, most often the lungs.
For this reason, we have Cloud’s chest x-rayed every three months and send the x-rays to a radiologist (specialist in medical imaging) to interpret.
Her most recent x-ray was just 1 1/2 months ago and the report did not indicate any signs of metastasis.
Cloud seemed to be doing well and we were happy for her.

But yesterday afternoon, one of our employees saw Cloud have a distressing coughing spell, after which her breathing appear somewhat labored.
We observed her for about five minutes, in case the breathing returned to normal quickly.
When it didn’t, however, we rushed her to the emergency vet.

Knowing her history, they immediately took x-rays of her chest.
The x-rays showed that in just 90 days, the cancer had made significant inroads into her lungs.
There was nothing we could do for her and her breathing would get worse as time passed.
Difficult breathing is one of the most distressing symptoms for a cat (or person).
So we knew it was her time and we let her go gently and surrounded by love.

Cloud was a very sweet cat, despite all of her medical problems.
She was quiet and gentle and loved to be cuddled tenderly — although eating was her true passion.
We will miss her tremendously.

As per our policy, we have transferred your monthly sponsorships to our Special Needs Fund, which helps support all of our Special Needs cats.
As a supporter of the Special Needs Fund, you will a receive monthly update on a different Special Needs cat each month.

However, you may do one of the following:

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We do hope that you decide to continue supporting our cats in need. And, whatever you do, bless you for your caring about our dear Cloud.