Update for Cloud

Update for Cloud

Greetings, Cloud Sponsors,

Our biggest news for you is that Cloud’s surgery went great! The tumor she had has been removed and her eyes have been fixed. While the tumor was revealed to be maligant, Cloud is recovering well and will undergo a chemo regimen to prevent the growth of further tumors. The chemo regimen will occur four times, spaced a few weeks apart. Cloud has already had her first treatment and her body took it well.

Cloud’s corrective eye surgery has enabled her to become more comfortable and confident. As soon as she came out of the anesthesia from the surgery, in fact, the vet observed that Cloud appeared to be more comfortable. Now, Cloud’s entire demeanor has changed. She is more confident and has begun to explore areas of the lobby that she never ventured to before.

Cloud has continued to love the wet food that is put out and is quite a sight to see, running and skidding to a stop at dinner time. She also has not given up her favorite sleeping spot in the lobby. You can usually find her sleeping under the bench to the left of the entrance. Her sister Sky is often on top or right there beside her!

Thank you for sponsoring Cloud!