Update for Cisco

Update for Cisco

Greetings Cisco Supporters,

Happy July to you! I hope you have enjoyed all of the fireworks your heart desires. Summer has arrived in all its glory and the kitties here at Tabby’s Place are making the most of their solarium time.

Our boy has enjoyed some interesting viewing this month. From Cisco’s place in Suite FIV, he’s had a front-row seat to big doings in the Lobby. June brought both our annual Kitten Shower and first-ever Cat Yoga session. Also, since several cats in Suite FIV are on prescription diets, we have a sign on the door indicating that volunteers and visitors should not give out any treats. However, someone missed this sign in June, leaving leftover goodies as evidence. The cats did not complain.

One of Cisco’s suitemates, Wolfie (pictured below), was being a love bug on a recent visit. It is usually fairly easy to get Wolfie to play, but this particular day he was nuzzling up against legs, hands, anything and everything, craving attention. Which of course, is exactly what he got. He has a ginormous personality.

Cisco was kinda the opposite of a love bug. This picture was taken on a day that treats were allowed, which Cisco was very grateful for. However, for the hand that was feeding him those treats, not so grateful. He made it clear where the boundary line was, what was ‘too close’. But he also didn’t really mean it. I did my best not to laugh, but he really did just tap me. Which just goes to show what an absolute sweetie this boy is.

All in all, Cisco has had a very stable and uneventful month — just the way this charming, cranky boy likes it.

The Tabby’s Place annual Linda Fund Matching Challenge is underway and all donations go towards the emergency and specialty care of our neediest cats. Our Special Needs cats, like sweet Cisco, are especially heavy users of the Linda Fund! Donations will be doubled throughout the challenge. If you would like to see what it’s all about, go to our home page at www.tabbysplace.org. All gifts will provide care for the most desperate cats in their hour of need.

Sponsors, thank you for your love and devotion for Cisco. He, and all of
us at Tabby’s Place appreciate your generous support. It makes all the difference in Cisco’s world.

Wishing you a fabulous month ahead!