Update for Cisco

Update for Cisco

Greetings Cisco supporters,

I’m sorry to report that our dear Cisco has declined this month. He has continued to lose weight and his kidney values show that he is in full renal failure. We are keeping a very close eye on him to monitor his quality of life.

Despite the fact that he is not responding to fluid therapy, Cisco seems to enjoy getting his fluids–a time when he is lavished with love and pets from adoring staff. He continues to eat and show interest in food, and we will continue to provide him with options.

Cisco has been spending a lot of time in the solarium with his other outdoor-loving buddies—Oscar, Shea, Rufus, and Lester. On recent visits, he has always been in the solarium, tucked away on his comfy bed and taking in the fresh air and sun. I sought out some liquid chicken treats and he ate three packets of them off my fingertips.

Friend Lester

Lester was trying his best to intervene and get a few finger licks himself. But alas, he is only allowed special dietary treats, which I was more than happy to give him. In this photo, he’s a little perturbed that I ran out of ‘his’ treats but he eventually forgave me.

Thank you for your love and devotion to sweet Cisco. Now, more than ever, Cisco needs our unrelenting love and support.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as we do all we possibly can for him.

Your correspondent,