Update for Cisco

Update for Cisco

Greetings Cisco Supporters,

Cisco and I hope you are staying cool and dry during this wet, steamy month we’ve had in New Jersey. Most days, the kitties have not been terribly enthralled with the solarium, but recently, Cisco seems content out there. Thankfully, he and his buddies have a cool, comfy air-conditioned room to hang out in and sleep away the hot days, should they choose to do so.

Our handsome boy Cisco and his friends welcomed newcomer Inigo Montoya, who came to Tabby’s Place all the way from Kansas. He seems to be adapting well, as the FIV suite seems calm and peaceful. When I arrived, Inigo was quick to say hello to me. And then I noticed that Rufus was right by his side as if he was training Inigo to be part of the greeting committee.

Brave Cisco continues to battle with kidney disease. This month, we became concerned when he lost weight and didn’t fight us at medication time. His anemia had worsened, so we treated him with anti-anemia medication, as well as his regular subcutaneous fluids and anti-nausea medication.

Cisco’s renal values have also sadly worsened. We considered treating him with IV fluids again, but, that didn’t help last time, and Cisco hates having to spend days in a hospital cage. So, we’re sparing him that indignity and offering him all the tasty foods he likes best. In one bright spot, Cisco’s diabetes remains in remission.

Dear sponsors, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for sweet Cisco. Thanks to you, he is getting the best medical care possible and oodles of caring and love.

Have a beautiful month!

Your correspondent,