Update for Cisco

Update for Cisco

Greetings Cisco supporters,

Happy New Year to you and yours! This has been an especially busy month in Cisco’s world. There have been numerous changes in Suite FIV’s cast of characters this month: new faces Chad and Prince arrived, with newbie Knickers waiting in the wings and then more recently joining the crew and starting the acclimation process. Sweet, shy Prince has since been adopted. Three cheers for Prince and his awesome adopter!

Sadly, our gentle boy Chachi had to be let go just before the New Year. We all (feline and otherwise) miss his quiet, kindhearted presence terribly.

Wolfie has settled in nicely again. He is back to his old self, loving attention and loving to be adored (who doesn’t!). He is enthralled with play time, and always lives life to the fullest!

Cisco has taken all the changes like a champ. He just rolls with it! During a recent visit, he was very alert, and also very eager to get his ration of treats. Sometimes he needs a little encouragement but not this time. He enjoyed his nibbles immensely and let me put them down very close to his being. He had some help from his suitemates. Well maybe it was more like competition. They could smell the treats a mile away!

A number of our FIV+ cats have been losing weight, particularly shy guys like Oscar. Since these nervous nellies rarely leave the tube, we’ve decided to close it at night so they all have to stay in, where food is readily available.

In medical news, Cisco’s vomiting has discontinued since we started him on midday anti-nausea medication. We’ll continue that daily for the time being. His tummy seemed to handle the treats I gave him just fine, so it looks like he is thankfully on the mend.

Dear Cisco adorers, thank you for helping sweet Cisco to welcome in another happy year. We would not be able to fulfill all of his needs and desires without your loving and generous support. For this, we are forever grateful.

Have a beautiful month!