Update for Cisco

Update for Cisco

Summer greetings, Cisco sponsors!

Hope this update finds you enjoying all that August has to offer.
Cisco has been doing just that.

Our tough tabby guy is enjoying a very mellow summer. This is Cisco’s first summer at Tabby’s Place, and the solarium suits him just fine. After initial hesitation about the outdoors, Cisco is now reliably found sacked out with his best friends.

That is, until some of his two-legged friends come around to love him.
On a recent visit one glorious August weekend, Cisco was happily snoozing in a kitty bed in the solarium. There was no better place to be! I kept my distance, staying across the room and visiting with Wolfie and Charlie for a bit. That concerned sweet Cisco enough for him to make a slow retreat up the ramp to his safe place. One day he will trust us. Until then, his safe place will always be there for him.

It’s been a quiet, content month in Suite FIV…but there are new kids coming soon. Within the next several weeks, Cisco and his buds will welcome not one, but two new neighbors, shy grey Shea and sweet tabby Sebastian. (Sebastian’s quite a survivor; click here for his full story).
As always, Cisco will be in great company. The FIV suite is one special group of cats.

Cisco and everyone at Tabby’s Place can’t thank you enough for all you do for this sweet guy. Your generous support and love allow him to have
worry free todays and tomorrows, and that means the world to him.

Have a wonderful August!