Update for Cheba

Update for Cheba

Happy Summertime, Cheba sponsors!

Our pal Cheba is doing well this month. She was actually given some medicine for an eye infection, but that has completely cleared up. She’s healthy and happy, still trying to escape all the time and still trying to be the top cat in Suite A!

Since we took Cheba off of her anti-aggression medication, she has started a few scuffles. However, they haven’t been anything serious, so we’re going to keep her off the medication and keep an eye on her.

For about a week, Cheba was giving newcomer Martin a hard time. Martin is an extremely sweet cat, new to Tabby’s Place. He was placed in Suite A temporarily until we had enough room in Suite B for him. He’s now moved to Suite B, away from Cheba’s harrassment. I’m sure that both cats are happy about the move.

Last time I saw Cheba, we had a wonderful visit. She ran right up to the door as soon as I walked in. I had to stick my foot out so that she didn’t run out the door. Later, when I was moving Martin into Suite B, Cheba took the opportunity to make a run for it. She’s really so quick!

Luckily, all the other doors were closed, so she had nowhere to go but the hallway. After dropping Martin off in his new home, I picked up Cheba (who was attempting to hide under a stepstool) and brought her back into her suite. She’s so sneaky!

After that, I brought a toy in to play with Cheba. She loved it. She’s just as quick when playing with the toys as she is when she runs for the door. She had a great time going after the feather that was dangling on the end of the stick. In fact, she looked so cute while playing that I went to grab the camera to take a picture.

Of course, when I returned with the camera, Cheba wouldn’t play with the toy anymore. I think she knew I was trying to take a picture of her playing and wouldn’t give me the satisfaction. She’s got such spunk! But, that’s why I love her so much. She’s a fun, wonderful cat.

Until next month…