Update for Cheba

Update for Cheba

Hello once again, Cheba sponsors!

Have I told you lately how much I adore our girl, Cheba’ Well, let me tell you again: she is one of the cutest, sweetest and friendliest cats (towards humans) that I have ever met. Every minute that I spend with her is so special to me.

This month, we have wonderful news on the medical front. Cheba had radiographs done recently. The results came back – and she continues to be cancer free! This is the best news we could hope for.

However, because our specialist is realistic, we won’t be out of the woods until Cheba’s been without cancer for three full years. So, we have a while to go yet. That’s okay though – I have a strong feeling that our lovergirl is going to continue to stay healthy for far longer than that!

Isn’t this picture of Cheba too adorable’

Yesterday, we had a great visit. When I entered Suite C, she was one of the first cats to run up and meet me. I’d like to think she was excited to see me, but honestly, she was most likely running for the door. That little escape artist! Luckily, she didn’t make it out this time.

Instead, I spent some quality time with her. She was purring up a storm! I was petting her all over, even rubbing her belly while she laid on her back with her arms and legs wide open. She has such soft and lovely fur.

I also love her markings – that gray spot on her nose is so unique and special. In fact, I learned yesterday that Cheba has another lighter gray patch of fur underneath her chin. During this visit, I stuck my whole face in Cheba’s belly and rubbed against her soft fur. I think she loved it – she just kept purring. I had to take a picture of her all cuddled up in the white blanket because she looked so cute.

As always, thank you for your support of this very special kitty. She’s lucky to have people in her life who care so much!