Update for Cheba

Update for Cheba

Hello everyone!

It’s a truly happy month for our Cheba sponsors… our girl got adopted!!! This is the best outcome we can hope for at Tabby’s Place. It’s what we’re all about! I’m honored to share this exciting news with you.

Lee, Cheba’s new owner, had lost her former cat to
mammary cancer, and her heart went out to Cheba when she read about her on our website. She started sponsoring Cheba, like each of you, through the Special Needs Sponsorship Program. As she received our monthly write-ups on Cheba and began to visit her regularly, she fell more and more in love with her until she finally decided to take her home!

Lee reports that Cheba has taken over her apartment. She’s very affectionate and follows Lee around. Knowing Cheba, we’re not surprised by that, are we’

I’m going to miss Cheba a great deal at Tabby’s Place. As her correspondent, I grew to love her and feel I formed a close relationship with her. However, I know that getting adopted into a loving home is the best thing for Cheba, and I’m so, so happy that it has happened. She’s a wonderful cat that deserves a great home where she is the queen!

As you can see in the photos, Cheba has certainly made herself right at home with Lee. She loves her new pad!

The week before Cheba got adopted, I had an extra special visit with her. Since I knew there was a chance she would be leaving the sanctuary, I gave her more time and attention than usual. It was easy to do because she was enjoying the sun in the solarium, and we had the whole room to ourselves. I played, cuddled, petted and talked to Cheba.

That last visit was special to me. I’m so glad I’ll have it in my memory as a reminder of what an awesome cat Cheba is.

As per our policy, we have transferred your monthly sponsorship to our Special Needs Fund, which helps support all of our Special Needs cats. As a supporter of the Special Needs Fund, you will receive a monthly update on a different Special Needs cat each month.

However, you may choose to do one of the following:

  • Transfer your sponsorship to support another Special Needs cat. You can see all of our Special Needs cats here.
    If you wish to do this, please contact us by email and let us know your wishes.
  • You may choose to discontinue your monthly sponsorships. To do so, please contact us by phone with your request.

We do hope that you decide to continue supporting our cats in need. But, whatever you do, thank you for caring about Cheba.