Update for Cheba

Update for Cheba

Hi there, Cheba sponsors!

Our girl’s health seems to be very good. Next month, we have a radiograph set up for her. This test will check to make sure her mammary cells have not metasticized. We’re all crossing our fingers that they haven’t. Of course, we’ll let you know the results once we get them. But if Cheba’s actions and personality are any indication of her health, then she’s in great shape!

On another note, there are a few new cats in Cheba’s suite. One of them is a white and black female kitty named Angel. Angel is quite an ironic name for this cat, as her personality shows that she is far from being an Angel. In fact, she’s quite the opposite!

Since moving to Suite A, Angel has been trying to intimidate the other cats. I don’t think she cares for them very much. As you know, Cheba will not tolerate another cat who tries to bully her way into being the top cat! Last time I came for a visit, Angel and Cheba had a little scuffle. I have to admit that Angel started it. I was proud of Cheba for not putting up with that!

Cheba was in a very friendly mood during my last visit. She (of course) ran right for the door when I arrived. The photo shows her in the hallway after one of her escapes. She stopped to look back and see why she wasn’t being chased after!

I spent some quality time with her by petting her and talking to her. She has the softest fur. I couldn’t help myself and had to pick her up to give her some extra love. She was so good. She allowed me to hold her and love her for at least a few minutes. She even purred! She really is such a fabulous, fun cat.

Thank you so much for sponsoring her!