Update for Cheba

Update for Cheba

Hello again, Cheba sponsors!

In this photo, Cheba is enjoying herself in the solarium. It’s been a great month for our furry friend. Since she’s been interacting so well with the other cats, we’ve stopped giving her the anti-agression medication. Guess what — she’s been behaving wonderfully without it! She’s not being dominant over her suitemates. We’re very happy about this!

Personally, I think Cheba has come a long way from her previous behavior. I’m so proud of her! I know she’ll make a fabulous pet for a loving family. Selfishly, though, I’m glad she’s still at Tabby’s Place.

Last time I saw Cheba, it started out as the same old routine. When I opened the door to the suite, she made a beeline for the door from all the way across the room! Lucky for me, I saw her coming. If she was right next to the door, I’m sure she would have made it into the hallway. Silly girl! I’m starting to think she likes to play this game just to see how often she can actually make it out the door! She’s a smarty, so it’s more than you might think.

When Cheba got stopped by the closed door, I picked her up. She has the softest fur and such unique and pretty markings! She actually let me hold her like a baby for a few mintues. I couldn’t believe how good natured she was being and truly enjoyed the snuggle time she allowed me. I think I heard her lightly purring while I was holding her.

Finally, Cheba had enough of the snuggles. I put her down on a cat tree and started rubbing her belly. Boy, did she love that! She moved to the right, then to the left. She pushed her head against the cat tree and just kept going! She really enjoyed the attention and the rubbing. After about five minutes, she decided she was hungry and promptly got up in the middle of a rub to go eat. Okay Cheba, I can take a hint! Our visit had come to an end. But I thoroughly loved every last minute of it.

Each visit with Cheba is better than the last. I’m so glad she has sponsors like you to help her. She’s such a unique, wonderful kitty and really deserves all our support.