Update for Cheba

Update for Cheba

Hello again, Cheba sponsors!

Is this photo hilarious or what’! It looks like Cheba’s about to take a bite out of the photographer, but really she’s just yawning and having a good stretch.

This month has been quite eventful for our friendly girl. Earlier in the month, a few of the employees noticed that Cheba wasn’t acting like her chipper, lovable self. She was not playful at all, nor was she interested in food or water. The staff removed her from the suite and put her in the Hospital Room.

Cheba’s hospital visit did her a world of good. Her bloodwork came back clear, showing she was healthy. But she was a bit dehydrated, so she was given subcutaneous fluids. The vet also prescribed appetite stimulants as well as antibiotics to fend off any infections.

One of my visits to Cheba this month took place while she was in the hospital. Although I could tell she wasn’t herself, she was happy to see me and rubbed against my hands as I petted her. After her short stay in the hospital with all this special treatment, Cheba returned to her home in Suite A. She is now finished with the course of antibiotics and appetite stimulants.

In other news, Cheba and the other cats in Suite A have a new suitemate. Miguel, the handsome boy pictured at left, has a similar personality to our girl, Cheba. Miguel is quite friendly and lovable to humans but is aggressive and intimidating to the other cats. Miguel tries his best to make sure his suitemates know HE is the top cat. As I’m sure you can imagine, this doesn’t sit well with Cheba, who believes that SHE is top cat!

Since Miguel’s move into Suite A, he has been under careful observation by the Tabby’s Place staff and volunteers to make sure he doesn’t disrupt the apple cart too much. The staff decided to slightly increase the dosage again of Cheba’s anti-aggression medication to ensure that she would not be overly aggressive towards Miguel or the other cats.

When I visited with Cheba a few weeks ago, she and Miguel had a little tiff. Miguel attempted to sniff Cheba’s butt, and Cheba didn’t like that! She turned around and gave Miguel a good swat, to show him just what she thought about that. The two cats swatted at each other for a minute, then gave up and went their separate ways.

We hope that Cheba and Miguel will learn to tolerate one another and live harmoniously in Suite A. We’ll keep you updated on how that is coming along!

Just like the rest of us, Cheba is thoroughly enjoying the spring weather! She has been spotted in the solarium a few times where she basks in the sun and gets some fresh air.

Once again, thanks for your sponsorship!