Update for Charlie

Update for Charlie

Dear friends,

Hi there, it’s me, your pal Charlie. How is everyone doing?

I am doing quite well,  except my legs are hurting me. Momma says it’s my arthritis. I am already taking one medication to help me feel better, but that didn’t do much to ease the pain. Then momma said she had another medication to try, but that one made me feel kinda dizzy, very sleepy, and a little wobbly. Momma said I couldn’t take that medicine again, because it didn’t agree with me. What didn’t it agree with me about? I didn’t hear it say it disagreed with me. I think momma hears things.

After the talking medicine didn’t work, we tried shots, which help a little, but my legs still hurt. Today momma brought home yet another new medicine to try. My momma does not give up easily. This is a liquid that tastes funny, but momma said it’s a pain reliever, so she’s hopeful it will help. I only took it for the first time today, so I’m not sure yet if it will help. Let’s hope momma doesn’t hear this medicine disagreeing with me. I’m getting a little worried about her.

I thought it would be fun to tell you all about my typical day. Please note: I love my typical days, because if it’s not my usual day, it probably means I had to go to the vet, which I do not love.

When I wake up in a morning, I immediately head out to the screened-in solarium. I sometimes have to wait a few minutes, until momma turns off the air conditioning and slides open the glass door.

Once I’m out in my solarium, I take a drink, then lay by the door that leads outside, where the sun shines in. That is where I wait for breakfast to be served. Momma serves me wet food and a little boiled chicken. Yum!

Then I take a nice nap in the sun.

During the summer, momma won’t let me stay out there all day. She insists that it’s too hot, and she makes me come back inside and closes the door again. That’s OK, because then I go and take a nap in my big, comfy indoor bed.

I usually watch the the scooting cats, or my other sister, Jude, for a while. Jude is still young, so she likes to play a lot. It makes me tired just watching her.

Jude sometimes takes a nap with me on the big dog bed. This is the only time I lay on the dog bed, to be near Jude. I usually prefer the human (Charlie) bed, or my orthopedic cat bed.

I have to walk over to the dry food several times a day.

Take another nap. Then it’s time for dinner.

After dinner, it’s nap time. I have to rest, because later on will be treat time, and I need to be awake for that.

Then it’s treat time. I do love treat time.

Then my favorite time of the day. Bedtime, and snuggle-with-momma time.

Now you see why I always need to nap. I have such busy days!

I only needed to go to Tabby’s Place once this month, because my anemia has been better. I was slightly anemic on that visit, and I had to have a shot to help me, but the vet team said I only have to come once a month from now on. I like that idea, because I hate traveling in the car.

When I am at Tabby’s Place for the day, I get so much attention. Everyone loves me, and they all come and visit me, pet me, kiss me, and let me sit on their lap. I love seeing my friends. I just wish I didn’t have to go in the car to get there. I’m still waiting for that transporter.

It’s my bedtime now, so I’m going to go and get comfy. Thank you so much for being my friend, and helping me stay healthy and happy.

Your pal,
(with help from your correspondent, Karina)