Update for Charlie

Update for Charlie

Dear friends,

I have had quite a busy month. I had to go to Tabby’s Place twice. The first time was to get something called an ultrasound of my heart. Momma said it was time to check that my heart is doing ok, and it was important to do this. Apparently this magic machine can see through my fur and skin, and it can find my heart and take pictures of it. Weird, huh?

The vet team had me lay on my side, and then they turned the lights out. I have no idea why it needed to be quite dark. Maybe the magic machine likes nighttime better? Anyway, another doctor shaved some of fur off. I didn’t like that, but I tolerated it. Then she put the magic machine on me, and moved it around for a while. The magic machine was showing pictures of my heart onto a computer screen that the doctor was looking at.

Eventually, they were done and let me sit up, and put the lights back on. They told momma my heart disease is getting worse. I was worried, but momma hugged me and said it will be ok. The vet team said I needed to start ywo new medicines that will help my heart work better. I was already taking one medication for my heart, so now I have to take three different pills each day to keep my heart healthy. It’s okay; I don’t mind taking pills. I also take one pill every day to help my IBD (irritable bowel), another pill to help my joint pain (which momma calls arthritis), a liquid medication to stop the arthritis from being painful (I hate this medicine, it tastes yucky), and, of course, insulin for my diabetes. What’s two more pills when you’re already taking all that!?

I also had to go back to Tabby’s Place to have my bloodwork checked, to make sure I am not anemic. I am doing quite well with my anemia, and momma says we are keeping it under control.

I still hate the car and still throw up each time I have to travel to Tabby’s Place. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

I have a best friend. It’s my little sister, Jude. We have always got along well, but lately, we have been hanging out most of the day. Jude has even more issues than I do, and she’s blind. She gets confused easily and gets upset if she gets scared. I think when she lays next to me she feels safe, so I let her do it whenever she wants to. She slowly shuffles closer and closer to me, until she feels safe. A few times she has laid with her legs and paws on me. I don’t mind at all.  I will keep her safe. At bedtime, Jude goes into her playpen for the night, so then I have snuggle time with momma. Jude likes her nights in her playpen; she feels safe in there, too.

My Jude is the featured cat for the Tabby’s Place Linda fund this year. I know she has cost Tabby’s Place a lot of money because she needs a lot of care, so if you can help my sister, and others like her, please donate anything you can. Great news…. whatever you donate is doubled during the Linda fund. Woo-hoo! You can donate right on the Tabby’s Place website, which you can find here — https://www.tabbysplace.org/linda-fund/

The days are a little cooler now, so the screen solarium has been open most of time. I have been making the most of it, and spending some time out there, lounging in the sun. The scooting cats really like time in the solarium as well, and spend a lot of time out there. It’s also a great place to watch the birds, and smell the fresh air.

It’s treat time now, then my bedtime, so I will say goodnight. Thank you all for being my friend, and helping my heart stay healthy because of your support. You are all awesome!

Your pal,

(With help from your correspondent, Karina)