Update for Charlie

Update for Charlie

Dear Friends,

I’ve been in my new home for over a month now, and I have settled in very well. I absolutely love it, and I am very happy to finally have a home of my own. I have made friends with the dogs, Accalia and Diesel. They are very nice dogs, and they are always nice to me. I often lay on the human bed with Accalia, and I lay on the couch with Diesel.

I’ve learned to tolerate the scooting cats, Tanzy and Castiel, but I prefer the dogs. Tanzy is okay, she just kinda does her own thing, and doesn’t bother with me. Castiel is a little annoying. He scoots after me, tries to play with my tail, and tries to grab me when I go to jump onto the bed. I think he’s jealous because he can’t jump. The scooting cats are very fast, which is weird because they are…. what’s the word my momma used? Oh yeah, paraplegic. Not being able to use their back legs doesn’t slow these two down at all! They can run faster than me! When Castiel tries to grab me I just jump out of the way, or smack him, depending on how I’m feeling. So, as I said, I prefer the dogs.

Breakfast time around here is amazing! I get boiled chicken! Not cat food, real chicken that humans eat! My momma says I can only have a small amount, because we have to take care of my diabetes, and also make sure it doesn’t upset my tummy. A small amount is a much bigger amount than I was getting before, so I’m cool with that. I like to eat breakfast in my screen solarium, but for a few days my momma told me we couldn’t open the door to the screen solarium! She said it was too hot! She really needs to get in touch with her inner cat and love the heat like I do. But momma said it’s not good for me to be outside in the screen solarium when it’s nearly 100 degrees. I have no idea how hot that is, but I’m pretty sure I’d be fine. Momma said we were having a heat wave. How does heat wave? It has no hands.

(Momma stop. I am NOT telling my friends my poop has been nice and formed. Do you know how embarrassing that is! I don’t think they care that means my IBD is doing really well. What is an IBD anyway? Whatever it is, the answer is still no.)

The other night there was a huge storm. My bedroom was lighting up at nighttime. Momma said it was lightning — I guess that’s a good name for it. We also had big bang noises, which momma called thunder. Accalia, the biggest of the dogs, was very scared, and she was crying in the corner of the room. Momma went over and sat with her, and wrapped her arms around Accalia. I decided I should help too; after all, I like Accalia. So I went over and joined them both on the floor. First I crawled in momma’s lap, then I head bumped Accalia. She seemed to feel better after that, so I think I helped. Accalia, momma and me stayed on the floor until the big bang noises stopped, then we all went back to sleep. I wonder why Accalia is scared of the noise? She’s HUGE! She shouldn’t be scared of anything.

Well I’m going back to my screen solarium. I need to make the most if it, just in case the heat starts waving at us again. Thank you all for helping me by sponsoring me. You help me have my own home, and I love my own home. I want to stay here forever and ever.

Purrs and headbumps,