Update for Carrot

Update for Carrot

Dear Carrot Friends,

Spring is nearly here! Or at least it has been this week, and the stroller volunteers are back! February was a little too cold for many stroller walks, and the cats really missed their seeing their volunteer friends and going for their walks. Finally, March is here and brought with it some nice weather.

All of sudden the cats have all their friends back, and they are all going for stroller walks again, and loving every minute of it. Carrot was thrilled to get back to his outside stroller time and seemed very pleased with the nicer weather too. I am hoping the weather will stay mild now, and the cats can have regular walks again.

Carrot & Elijah

I heard from one of the other staff members about an incident involving our Carrot. Apparently, Wilbur had a scratch on his nose, and one of the staff members saw Carrot punch him in the nose! I am guessing Wilbur did something to make Carrot angry because he is usually easy-going and doesn’t hit the other cats unless he is provoked. Luckily Wilbur is fine and there was no real damage done. Wilbur must be getting mellower with age, because at one time there’s no way Carrot would have got away with that, without Wilbur retaliating.

Carrot lost a little weight earlier in the month, but we have been watching him closely and his weight has remained stable since then. I think he’s just trying to get more treats.

As you will see from the pictures, Carrot and his pal Elijah were sharing a bed one day. They look so comfy and cozy together. These two guys have been good friends for some time now, but they don’t usually curl up in the same bed. In one of the pictures you can also see a new guy, Oscar curled up in a nearby bed.

Carrot has taught Elijah how to beg for treats, and to make sure you run up to anyone coming into the room and look hungry. Elijah has been a good student, and has learned all the begging tricks very quickly, and very well. Who could say no to these two cuties? Not me, that’s for sure.

The solariums, which have barely been used for the winter, and are slowly becoming popular again. It takes some of the cats a while to realize it’s not freezing cold outside anymore, but eventually, they all start to venture out again. It’s nice for them to be able to get out into the fresh air, after being inside all winter, especially for the cats who do not do the stroller rides. Carrot, of course, has still been in his solarium on and off all winter, but I have a feeling he will be out there most of the time again soon. During nice weather it is rare to see Carrot inside the suite, he much prefers to be outside in the solarium.

That’s all the Carrot news for now. As always, thank you for your continued support of Carrot, as we couldn’t do this without you.

Your correspondent,