Update for Carrot

Update for Carrot

Dear Carrot Friends,

It may be getting chilly outside, the leaves are falling, the plants are wilting, but in solarium B love is in full bloom. Carrot has a girlfriend! The very lovely, and also orange, Valencia
. Every time I go into solarium B these days Carrot and Valencia are snuggled together. This morning he was gently grooming her, while she was leaning into him for more attention. So sweet! Carrot has lost a lot of his friends lately due to adoptions (Yay!!) and general reshuffling, so I’m very happy to see him bonded to Valencia. He has already made her feel more confident, and she let me pet her today while she was next to Carrot. Valencia is very shy, so I think Carrot will be a good influence on her. One thing Carrot is not is shy! I am very happy they found each other, and they can give each other comfort and friendship.

Carrot and friends continue to stay in their solarium, even with the cooler weather. But don’t feel too bad for them — with their heated beds and igloos, and heated water bowls, they love it out there! The colder weather doesn’t seem to bother them at all. I’m sure once the temperature really drops they’ll come inside, but for now they are still insisting on being outside all the time.

In other Suite B news: it’s very quiet in there these days. Rebel is in his new home (and very happy, as his new parents love him dearly), and Simba is in the feral room at Tabby’s Place for the next month. Simba has bitten a few people, so we are starting him on a behavior medication. The new meds take a month to get into his system and take effect, so it’s better for everyone if he is in a room without other cats while the new meds reach their maximum potential. So Suite B is very calm and quiet right now, and I think the remaining residents are really enjoying the peace.

No medical news for Carrot this month, which is always good news. But I must report that Carrot has officially relinquished his title for the most difficult to express bladder. Newcomer Anka has taken over that title now, and has made Carrot seem quite easy to express by comparison. The challenges with expressing Anka are reminiscent of Carrot shortly after his arrival at Tabby’s Place. Anyone who has been supporting Carrot since he arrived will remember my updates on the subject; expressing Carrot was like trying to express a crocodile doing the death roll. Anka, like Carrot, isn’t trying to hurt us, but thrashes around so much while we’re trying to express him that he inevitably scratches us. And since he’s huge, and very strong, it makes expressing him quite a feat.

So, sorry Carrot, your title is lost. Here’s hoping Anka becomes more tolerant as time goes by, just as our sweet Carrot did.

Well that’s all the Carrot news for now. Thank you all for supporting our wonderful boy; we quite literally couldn’t do this without your kind contributions. Carrot and Valencia
send headbumps along with their wishes for a truly happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.