Update for Carrot

Update for Carrot

Dear Carrot friends,

Our boy’s realm is becoming the happiest room at Tabby’s Place. Once upon a time, Suite B was a grumpy place, a cranky place, and a place where not much was fun was happening. Most of the cats took life too seriously, and the ones who wanted to have fun were too scared of the bullies to dare to try having fun. Suite B was then known as the suite of “challenging personalities.” All the cats would sit or lay separately, never touching, and certainly never playing and wrestling with each other.

Enter Carrot.

Now Suite B is the party room, the frat house…the place to be!

All it takes is one super-friendly party animal, and the rest follow suit. Carrot sure is that party animal. Suite B is so much happier since his arrival. I’m glad we don’t have a liquor cabinet at Tabby’s Place, because Carrot would be the one busting into it and getting all his friends drunk.

These days, wherever Carrot is hanging out, there is a whole group of cats around him, and some of these are cats who never, ever liked cats before. Now they’re all hanging out and having fun. Carrot is definitely the “cool kid” of Suite B.

I thought I had seen all the miracles of Carrot’s charm when he won over Spumoni, but Carrot wasn’t going to stop at that small challenge. He wants to win everyone over! So when tough-guy Todd joined the room, Carrot’s ability to charm was tested once again.

Todd was returned to us recently after being adopted for a few months. His adopters tried and tried to make it work, they really did, but Todd kept beating up the other cat in the home. The adopters tried for months to make it work. They even brought in our fabulous volunteer cat behaviorist to smooth things over between Todd and their other cat. Nothing worked; Todd was getting increasingly mean to the poor cat and making things very tense in the household. Eventually, with tears in their eyes, they felt they had no choice but to return Todd to Tabby’s Place. After his quarantine period, we introduced Todd to Suite B and held our breath. Would he be a terror in there? Was he going to beat everyone up? Would the other cats be miserable with Todd in their room?

Nope…they would be fine.

Why? Carrot.

I really have no idea what our little guy does, or how he does it, but within a few days, Todd was wrestling and playing with Carrot! He has a gift, he really does. We need to bottle it! Cat behaviorists all over the world, as well as cat owners, would pay a fortune to have the magic that is Carrot.

Now Todd is very happily settled into the “party room,” and he isn’t being mean to anyone. He plays and has fun with all the other cats and sleeps curled up near them, and there hasn’t been a hiss or a swat in sight.

Carrot certainly has a wonderful gift, and I’m so glad he gets to share it with everyone at Tabby’s Place. Thank you for helping us with Carrot’s care. Because of your generosity, Suite B is a fun and loving place.