Update for Carrot

Update for Carrot

Dear Carrot friends,

We are having an adoption promotion at Tabby’s Place for the month of February: get two cats or kittens for the price of one. The poster to advertise this special deal talks about how cats thrive in pairs, and asks adopters to consider a pair of cats. Down the side of the poster there are five pictures of pairs of cats to demonstrate how well they can get along.

One cat is featured in three of the five pictures; one cat is leaning on, hugging and snuggling other cats in three of the pictures. Can you guess which one Tabby’s Place cat is the poster child for our special promotion? Carrot! Who else!?!? We all know Carrot adores cats, and he has the most pictures snuggling with other cats. Carrot really is the poster child of cats loving cats.

Of course, our Carrot doesn’t just love cats; Carrot loves everyone! Here’s a case in point. He was running away from me the other day because I was going to express his bladder. He ran up the ramp, through the overhead tunnel, and into the solarium. I followed closely behind (although I used the doors, not the ramp and cat sized tunnel. :-)).

When I entered the solarium, Carrot thought about running away again; in fact, he started to run…but then he couldn’t help himself. He rolled over and gave me his belly to rub. Adorable! He must think that, if he distracts me with serious cuteness, I will forget to express his bladder. It worked…for a while. I had to take a picture of his silly rolls to share with you.

Of all the incontinent cats at Tabby’s Place, Carrot has the most difficult bladder to express. We have tried several different medications to make it easier. The first medication we tried tasted terrible, and poor Carrot hated it, plus it made him a little “stoned.” The next medication didn’t work at all; his bladder was worse than usual! So we are trying a new medication to relax his bladder. It is the same drug as the first medication (which did work, he just hated it) in an injectable form. It is also diluted, so he doesn’t seemed “stoned” on it this time. So far it does seem to be working, so fingers crossed the third time is the charm.

Some kind person recently donated a round cat scratcher, so we put it in suite B. I think Carrot was a little confused and thought it was a bed instead of a scratcher, because when I went in suite B he was curled up in the middle of it. He seemed very happy with his new “bed.”

That’s all the news for this month. Hopefully, by our next update, it will be starting to get a little warmer. All the cats can’t wait for nice days so they can enjoy the solaria again.

Thank you for everything you do for Carrot. Thanks to you, he has everything he needs or wants, including cat beds that double as scratchers.