Update for Carrot

Update for Carrot

Dear Carrot friends,

Carrot is settling in very nicely to life at Tabby’s Place, and he has everyone wrapped around his little paw. Everyone loves Carrot. It’s impossible to meet him and not fall in love with his sweet and fun-loving ways. What’s not to love? He still has that kitten-like zest for life, and the sweetest cuddly nature. One minute he’s l​yin​g in your arms like a baby, and the next he’s climbing cat trees, hanging upside down, running up the ramps, and shooting across the tunnels to the solarium.

Carrot is a very busy boy with a full schedule. There’s toys to play with, humans to snuggle, cats to wrestle, lots of good food to eat, and he has to fit naptime in somewhere. He still seems to get along well with all the other cats in his suite. Even the bullies don’t bother Carrot; he just seems to have such a happy-go-lucky nature that no​ one sees him as a threat.

Carrot is still, shall we say, challenging when it comes time to express his bladder. I’ve never know a cat to squirm and jump around so much! I did find one thing that keeps him still, for a while anyway: I have to kiss him! I do this either on his head or his back, while I express him. I don’t mean regular kisses, either: “kiss…kiss” doesn’t work. It has to be frantic kisskisskisskisskisskisskiss! It seems to distract him from what you’re doing for a little while — long enough to express him, anyway. Since I’m not too coordinated, this is a little tricky: I hold Carrot’s scruff with one hand, aim him over the litterbox, get ready to hold his bladder in the other hand, bend over him and get ready for frantic kissing…and don’t forget to kiss, or drop the bladder, or the jumping, squirming, flips will begin. I feel like I’ve had a workout by the time I’m done!

Carrot is even cute while he’s resting. Check out the cute picture of him chilling in his suite with his paws crossed. So adorable!

Well, that is all the Carrot news for now. Thank you for helping us to give this wonderful sweetheart a second chance. He so deserves it.