Update for Butterfly

Update for Butterfly

Hello, Sponsors – I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day.

I have great news to report. Our little Fly has been adopted! She went home with a family who had previously adopted from Tabby’s Place. Since she was loved by everyone here, it was bittersweet to see her go, but we’re all very happy to know she is in such good hands, in a home of her own.

Fly definitely made an impression with her cute antics in the lobby. While she may have spent a lot of time dozing on couches (big and small), she also enjoyed interacting with other humans and animals in the lobby. She didn’t let her size and physical limitations stop her from chasing flies or even larger animals around the lobby. Ginny, Bagheera’s correspondent, told me the funniest story two weeks ago: a visitor brought a dog into the lobby, and Fly stalked it the whole time it was here. She followed it all over the lobby. It was an older dog, who didn’t seem bothered by her attention. What a site it must have been, this little cat hobbling around after a dog!

While Fly will be missed, it is wonderful to see this sweet girl get adopted. If not for you and Tabby’s Place, a cat with special needs like hers may not have had a chance to find a loving home. Thank you for your support of her over the last few months.

As per our policy, we have transferred your monthly sponsorship to our Special Needs Fund, which helps support all of our Special Needs cats. As a supporter of the Special Needs Fund, you will receive a monthly update on a different Special Needs cat each month.

However, you may choose to do one of the following:

  • Transfer your sponsorship to support another Special Needs cat. You can see all of our Special Needs cats here.
    If you wish to do this, please contact us by email and let us know your wishes.
  • You may choose to discontinue your monthly sponsorships. To do so, please contact us by phone with your request.

We do hope that you decide to continue supporting our cats in need. But, whatever you do, thank you for caring about Butterfly.