Update for Butterfly

Update for Butterfly

Welcome to your monthly “How Much Cuter Can One Cat Be’” update!

It’s hard sometimes to describe in words how adorable Fly is. Thank goodness for pictures! It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here you can see that Fly has traded in her mini-couch for the full-size lobby couch. I’ve found her sleeping there each time I visited this month. It’s actually a much more comfortable spot for me, since I can sit right next to her on the couch instead of on the floor! I’ve spied other visitors
doing the same. Do you think Fly has noticed she gets petted more often in this spot’

On a busy Saturday, I talked to a couple of people who were socializing with Fly. They remarked how relaxing it was sitting next to her, but wondered if she would ever wake up! It’s true, Fly loves her beauty rest, but cats can sleep up to 18 hours a day. Being nocturnal predators, they’re likely to be sleeping during our daytime visits. That said, I’ve never seen a cat sleep on her face before!

On my most recent visit, Fly did get off the couch and wander around the lobby. I stayed put and watched her get a bite to eat and peer through the suite windows at the other cats. When she came to rest in a sunny spot on the rug by the door, I enticed her into playing with a feather cat toy.

While she does have a bit of a stiff, wobbly walk, she gets around remarkably well considering her maladies. She can’t jump or climb very well, but that doesn’t stop her from bopping around and chasing flies. Pam, Tabby’s Place’s Development Director, told me that one day she was watching our girl attack a fly, when, all of a sudden, she stopped and got the funniest look on her face. Turned out, the fly had landed on her nose!

Good news regarding Fly’s health: her liver values continue to normalize. She’s being weaned off the steroids and given a dietary supplement used for cats with arthritis to help with the stiffness.

I hope many of you will stop by to visit sometime so you can witness her cuteness in person. In the meantime, I’ll keep the pictures coming!