Update for Butterfly

Update for Butterfly

Hi Everyone,

There’s a lot to report to you about Butterfly this month. First, the best news concerns her medical condition. Fly’s liver is improving as a result of a low dose of steroids. Her liver values are close to normal. If they do go back to normal, the assumption is the problem was an inflammation or infection that ran its course.

Fly has a new favorite spot in the lobby — a miniature couch, perfectly sized for felines, on the floor in front of the suite windows. She’s there every time I visit her. I’ve been told she also likes to hang out by the front door and chase flies (isn’t that appropriate’), but I haven’t been lucky enough to witness that sight.

Fly loves when I pet or brush her but refuses to give up her comfy couch. She’ll roll over on her side, with her front paws bent, so I can reach to rub her neck and belly. Her fur is so soft, and she’s barely shedding as you’d expect in the summer heat. As you can see in these pictures, she really is the cutest little thing!

Visitors think so, too – Fly was almost adopted this month. This person seemed like an excellent candidate to care for Fly’s needs and was serious enough to pay the adoption fee. Unfortunately, the gentleman was ultimately not able to take her home. However, he has become one of Fly’s monthly sponsors instead.

Many of us have the desire to help animals in need, but it’s not always possible to adopt them into our homes. The Special Needs Sponsorship Program is a wonderful way to help those cats. Your generous support allows Tabby’s Place to provide Fly with food, shelter, and the medical care she needs. In this special way, all of you have been able to “adopt” this sweet tabby.

Feel free to stop by and see her!