Update for Buddy

Update for Buddy

Greetings to Buddy’s sponsors,

It’s a love affair for the ages! Since you are new Buddy lovers, you know exactly what I mean. Once that sweet little man turns his head and those electric green eyes your way, your heart melts.

Buddy has come so far, in such a short time. You know he started his life at Tabby’s Place cowering in the corner, on top of the crates. He wasn’t mean to his admirers, just scared. He spent a lot of time in the tube between Suite FIV and the enclosed outdoor solarium.

And then, he started to relax in the company of his seasoned FIV suite mates. He plays, snuggles and head-butts, especially with Newman (as you can see in this photo). Buddy is approachable now, open to loving gestures and even the occasional belly rub.

And then, miracle of miracles, Buddy let me pick him up a week ago. He didn’t struggle to stay in my arms; he relaxed and let me love him.

With all my love, I send thanks, on Buddy’s behalf, for supporting our gorgeous, sweet, beguiling young man.