Buddy’s 5-year journey

Buddy’s 5-year journey

March greetings to you, and to all Buddy’s buddies.

“He started his life at Tabby’s Place (in March 2013) cowering in the corner, on top of the crates. He wasn’t mean, just scared. He spent a lot of time in the tube between Suite FIV and the enclosed outdoor solarium.” — from Karen T, Buddy’s first correspondent, from her first letter, September 2013

“Buddy’s interactions with his human admirers have flourished… [this] month… I picked Buddy up and held him for about three minutes. He didn’t squirm or try to wiggle away.”
— Karen T, March 2014

“Buddy sat for me today, by himself, and let me pet his sweet, soft, self to my heart’s content. Take it step further – he let me brush his beautiful coat, to a shine, with a happy (although very quiet) purr of appreciation and love.” — Karen T., July 2014

“Buddy is needing less and less “socialization,” and making more and more efforts to socialize us right back. As he opens his heart to more friends and even strangers, it’s easier to imagine the day when his forever home will appear on the horizon.” — Karen T, February 2015

“Our gentle boy had his closest brush with adoption this month. The couple who adopted Mistletoe in 2011 came to add a second FIV+ feline to their family. After much deliberation, they narrowed the field to two fur babies, Buddy and Mitt. Frankly, the Tabby’s team thought Buddy had the edge, given that Mitt had dwelt almost exclusively in the solarium tube. But we don’t choose who we love, and the adopters were ultimately smitten with Mitt. We believe Buddy’s day will come eventually.”- Karen T., April 2015

“The insider scoop at Tabby’s Place is that our beautiful Buddy has gone from “petrified”, to “pettable”, to coos of admiration and wonder by all. His regular socializers are gleeful over his progress, and Tabby’s Place feline behavioral consultant has given him the gold star for most improved socializee.” – Karen T., July 2015

“It is rewarding to see how Buddy has blossomed over the years. He used to [be] terrified of humans [but] he has flourished in the loving environment of Tabby’s Place.” — Karen T, September 2016 (her final letter for Buddy)

“As Charlie purred on my lap, Buddy went back to bouncing from one end of the solarium to another like a furry butterfly. He stopped next to me just long enough for me to give him a few pets with my other hand, and then off he went again, generating warmth wherever he goes.” — JM, December 2016

“The vet team could see they would not out-stubborn this determined little cat, so they did what they had to do.

They caved.

Sure, Buddy was treated with supportive care, IV antibiotics, anti-nausea medication, and an appetite stimulant. But oh yes, no doubt about it, he also got the food he wanted.” — JM, March 2017

“Buddy’s feeling fine, full of energy and spirit, displaying the athletic ability that a cat makes look so easy. You could forget for a second his fearful past and the malady in his immune system that would have been an inescapeably hopeless situation, if not for Tabby’s Place. And, if not for your generous donations that help these cats so much.” — JM, August 2017

“Throughout my visit, staff members and volunteers came and went… Buddy took on the role of the semi-official greeter; as each person entered, he made his way over to them, and it almost looked to me as though he was acknowledging everyone’s efforts and showing them how much he appreciated them for helping make his life a good one. ” — JM, December 2017

“For the first time in eons, Buddy has attracted the attention of a potential adopter. It’s all hypothetical at the moment, so we’re not getting our hopes up too high, but a delightful family has fallen in love with our gentle boy. Buddy’s enjoyed a mellow, healthy month.” – Angela, note to correspondents, March 2, 2018

“Buddy went home to his new family.” — Karina Jewett on Facebook, mid-afternoon, March 10, 2018

“I have loved Buddy since the moment I met him, and I was his correspondent for years. This family is blessed and a blessing to have the sweetest little man ever become part of their family. He is love, love, love and will fill their hearts forever.” — Karen T on Facebook, March 10, 2018

“Low-hanging fruit is delicious. But when you climb high enough, you can see the stars.” – Angela, August 2013