Update for Buddy

Update for Buddy

February greetings to you, and to all Buddy’s buddies.

We’re in a short month, and among other things, it’s the month that contains both the end of football season and the beginning of baseball’s Spring Training. Football wouldn’t get that much attention from me, but since Philadelphia is only a few dozen miles south of greater metropolitan Ringoes, NJ, it was harder than usual to ignore the Big Game. Here’s hoping you had bets down on both the Eagles in the Super Bowl and the Pouncy Panthers, overtime winners of the Kitten Bowl.

In contrast to the excitement of the Super Bowl (and the Kitten Bowl), there’s no particular drama at Tabby’s Place. Our little Buddy has enjoyed another month of good health, and throughout Suite FIV+, it’s been a month of everyday life with cats who were rescued from hopeless situations, and who are now just fine thanks to you and your much-appreciated generous donations.

Although spring is still a few weeks away, the weather in Hunterdon County has warmed sufficiently to re-open the solaria at Tabby’s Place. However, during my most recent visit, the day before Super Bowl LII, the cats largely remained inside their suite. Buddy welcomed me from atop the cages, enjoying being petted and purring heartily. He briefly put the bite on my knuckles (as seen here) but it was gentle and I took it as a guy’s way of returning affection.

I noticed that a new shelf had been installed, and wondered whether someone had taken note of my reporting and replaced the old one with something more reinforced in the wake of Buddy’s leap last year.

That wasn’t the only new addition to the suite. With my ol’ pal Charlie on my lap, I watched a volunteer put together a piece of cat furniture. (Hat tip to you and all the donors that make these purchases possible for the cats!) Partway through construction, the volunteer left the room to retrieve a tool, and both Chachi and Wolfie seized the opportunity to claim the new (albeit incomplete) item for themselves in the name of all catdom. Chachi climbed on it and Wolfie scratched a sisal-wrapped post, just the way a good cat should.

One thing more — if you’re looking for an outlet for your competitive spirit but not in the form of football or baseball, then perhaps you’d enjoy Super Mario, particularly one where Mario’s role is played by a tuxedo cat.

So it’s Philly Philly for now, and so long until next month.