Update for Bialy

Update for Bialy

Dear Bialy supporters,

Our darling boy Bialy is growing bigger and bigger – and this month, it seems that he’s grown as much horizontally as vertically! Perhaps because his belly is balancing out his oversized head a bit, Bialy seems to be less “bobbly” than before; regardless, he still plays just as energetically as ever.

Recently, we were surprised to see an IV pole walking itself across the room…upon closer inspection we noticed Bialy and his buddy Tashi were behind the illusion. Who knew an IV pole could be so much fun?

We also have had a few visits from a baby goat this month, and Bialy has been absolutely fascinated. You can almost see the wheels turning in his head, “um, there’s something unusual about that cat…” Check out the video below.

Bialy is also intrigued by anything crinkly. A volunteer got him a huge crinkly ball and his ears perk up and he pops up his head when you crinkle it. But he seems a little scared of it too; he won’t go after it, just really interested in it. He and Tashi love the crinkly tube. One of them works their way in and the other comes in pursuit and high times ensue.

Bialy also loves to chew on toy mice as you can see from this month’s photo.

And the best news of all – this has been an entirely uneventful month for Bialy, health-wise.

Thank you for supporting Bialy as he finds new things to explore.