Update for Bialy

Update for Bialy

Greetings to Bialy’s sponsors,

At seven months of age, our little “bobblehead” is flourishing – and getting less bobbly with each passing week. Bialy seems to have hit a growth spurt, and as he grows, he’s also becoming steadier on his feet. It’s likely he’s learning to compensate for his condition, and also quite possible that it’s improving as he grows up. This is exactly what we’d hoped for!

One of Bialy’s newest skills is becoming Spiderman. He has learned, to his delight, that he can leap from the floor to the sides of the Community Room cubicles, clinging onto the walls with all four paws and climbing to the top.

I had a nice visit with Bialy recently. Earlier in the afternoon, he was curled up on Danielle’s chair, happy to accept some pets and demonstrate his world class purr.

Later he was hanging out on the table in the Community Room. One of the attractions there is food, so he helped himself to some. I got some cute photos of him lolling on the table, and another sitting up looking at the camera.

He didn’t seem too interested in a crinkly wand toy; in fact, it seemed to scare him. But a green mouse got a more favorable reception, just right for a good chew. A jingle ball was fun to chase.

Altogether, Bialy seemed to be in fine spirits, just not quite as playful and kittenish as he once was. Guess he’s growing up!

Thank you for providing for our little guy’s needs as he continues to grow and thrive.